Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities, 27-29 Sep

Hi guys! Check out what I’ve got for you below for some good stargazing opportunities coming up that involve the moon and combinations with planets and others…

Mars and Saturn

27 September: The Moon with Saturn!

Saturn will be very close to the Moon on this evening. The beautiful giant will be visible above the crescent Moon to the left right when night falls. Saturn will glow bright gold and set together with the Moon about an hour after nightfall.

28 September: The Moon with Saturn and Mars!

The Moon will slide between Saturn and Mars on this evening, with Saturn showing itself again as a bright star, this time to the lower right, with Mars making an appearance, slightly brighter, on the left side. Antares will also be visible below Mars.

29 September: The Moon, Mars, and Antares!

The Moon will team up with Mars and Antares again on this night to the southwest as night falls. Both Mars and Antares will line up below the moon and give off their signature orange glow.

The moon is one of the funnest objects in the night sky to watch because it’s the only heavenly body where you can easily see detailed features. Combine that with two other interesting wanderers and the next 3 days will provide good stargazing.

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Getting Away From It All

First of all, other than the actual stargazing, the one thing that I love the most about it is the “get-away-factor”. When I take that 30 minute drive along the Nature Reserve, I feel like I’m leaving my normal life behind me. My mind and my senses turn to a new task, taking in the trees, beautiful hills, fresh air, and ultimately that serene night sky. All of it put together stimulates my soul in such a way that helps me forget any troubles I might be having from the day-to-day grind. The tranquility of it is incredible and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever spent time in awe of nature.

When I’m driving around, I like to spend some time choosing the ideal spot for stargazing. Usually, it should be in a clearing, near the top of a hill, or atop a stony area. Once I’ve chosen my spot and my gear is all set up, it’s usually just me, some nibbles, my tea, and the grand theatre of stars.

All this is part of the ritual. Since I’m just an amateur, I usually take my queues from Stardate to figure out where to point my gaze. Once my eye starts peering out there, I’m usually lost for a few hours!