November Skies…


Star Map of Polaris, The Big Dipper or Plough in relation to Cassiopeia

Well the colder weather is here and so is the rain. So hard to do any stargazing in a stormy sky, never mind getting so wet you look like you have been swimming not stargazing. That said November can be cold and crisp and a good month for watching the sky.  For beginners like me with the longer darker nights given a clear sky it is a good time to learn the constellations. I can now find and point out The Plough (or Big Dipper) and use it to find Polaris or the Northern Star, quite proud of myself when I first did it, brought back to reality when my 10yr old nephew pointed it out as quick – to be fair they had been learning it at school!  Wonder if he knows where Cassiopeia is? My main excitement though is we are expected to get a meteor shower from the 13th  –  21st November; The Leonids, this event occurs regularly but every so often it can become a meteor storm where thousands of meteors can be seen, can you imagine seeing that? Unfortunately that is not expected this year, but you will find me ready and waiting to see the spectacle on the nights of the 17th & 18th November, the best nights to view according to the Royal Astronomical Society.

Let me know if you will be out there too, watching the sky. Kind of nice to know there are others as crazy as me.

Meteor shower/storm from 2013, The Leonids