Comet Lovejoy and other February Delights



Comet pictured from an Oulton observatory. Picture: David Jackson

Photo by David Jackson (Norfolk man see below)


Given the weather not been doing much stargazing but done a bit of internet searching and exploring on various aspects of astronomy. Found this interesting blog talking about the comet  Lovejoy and some amazing photos. Also on there was a video of last years comet Rosetta and the “sound’ it makes. it ws speeded up and really sounded like the Predator -quite creepy!!Following the links on the site,, I found some really interesting video shows some fact some fiction but all really interesting. I never suspected how many layers I would find when I decided I was interested in the stars. I found Spacewatch; lovely for cosmic killers the most engrossing – have a look and tell me what you think. Also take a look at this article about a Norfolk man who managed a great photo of the comet – wish I could afford his gear!

I also found this site, Dark Sky Discovery which lets you know the best places to view the stars with Britain, with interactive maps, there are also surveys that you can take part in. Really so interesting and I must say time consuming, if you are planning to take this up for a hobby it will be good to know that it does take up your time. If you just want to lie under the stars, and looking no problem but if you want to know more and learn more about your hobby it takes time and money – things can be done inexpensively but I guess like anything else you get involved in a cost is expected and you will have to be firm with your budget.

Next month hopefully will get to see the solar eclipse on the 20th, although a total eclipse for some we should be able to see a partial eclipse in the UK…here hoping.



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