Planispheres and space stations


A planisphere, the guide to the stars and constellations

I know I have mentioned a planisphere before but not really explained what it was. I eventually bought one but weather being as it has not really done a lot with it over the past couple of months. Feeling much more enthusiastic as the weather improves, guess we all do.

A planisphere is a rotating star chart locator, it is the tool that all the experts say us newbies need to help us learn the constellations and stars. All you have to do is turn it around until the time and date match up and voila the matching sky in real time. wonderful and it never goes out of date – but don’t drop it down a deep muddy hedge, cause then you have to buy another. This is a great website for tips on how to use the planisphere. I treated myself to a new one from Amazon and bought myself  the 2015 Guide to the northern night sky as well. I got the glow in the dark planisphere so I could find it if I dropped it again but my mate complains its distracting – I can’t win, think I might order the Earthsky one.

Going to be out with binoculars later this month so I can try and see the globular cluster in Hercules and the ‘double double’. This is what appears to be a binary star via the binoculars but if seen by telecope there are actually 2 stars hence the name. This can be seen just left of Vega in Lyra is the multiple star system Epsilon Lyrae known as the double double. Later in the month around the 15th & 16th the meteor shower of  Lyrid. Been told not many meteors per hour but as it is a new moon more chance of actually seeing one.

I am actually still trying to see the space station, not managed it as yet but I am hopeful, this site gives details of when the best time to look is ..this month its going to happen, I just know it. let me know if you see it.


M27 - The Dumbell Nebula

Dumbell Nebula – photgraph. Fabulous




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