Pluto a Planet or not?

Pluto and Charon

Pluto and Charon

Recently the Astronomical society voted out Pluto as a Planet. What is Pluto then if not a Planet? Well I did not first understand and went to a friend who is an astronomer by profession. He told me things which made my knowledge base strong and I could understand. So you would be curious what makes a heavenly body qualify as a planet right! Well there are three aspects:

  1. The body must be revolving round a sun.
  2. It should be round. In astronomical terms it is known as hydro-static equilibrium.
  3. Its neighborhood is clean. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Well Pluto is revolving round the Sun and is round. So, what does a clear neighborhood mean? Well it means that the designated planet does not have a body as large as itself in its vicinity. This is not the case with Pluto. Its moon has its own gravitational pull outside Pluto’s influence. Charon is also almost half the size of Pluto. Pluto loses here as a Planet. The Astronomical society has categorized it as a “dwarf planet“. So Pluto loses its category and becomes one of the 44 other dwarfs of our solar system. It is not exactly a planet anymore. There goes the acronym I learned in school – ” My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”. Planets is out so is Pluto. So, folks be ready for discovery of a new Planet. We cannot do with only eight in our solar system. Astronomers please look out for a new planet so that my acronym is complete.


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