About me

Hi! I’m Andrew from Skipton, North Yorkshire. One of the greatest pleasures in life is stargazing and I’ll be sharing my passion for it in this blog. There’s so much about the cosmos that’s just utterly mind blowing and when you think of it all, it leaves you breathless and wanting for more. I gaze the stars with my Saxon Novo 705AZ3…it isn’t the Hubble, but it does the trick!

With stargazing there’s no end to the discoveries you can make. I’m sure there’s some scientists that have seen much farther and knows much more than I do, but discovering something for yourself that’s so far, that you could never dream of seeing with your naked eye, brings a whole sense of awe and bewilderment to the experience. I’m so lucky to live so close to Ingleborough National Nature Reserve and Yorkshire Dales National Park because you can get away from any light sources and just explore the universe in it’s raw beauty.


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