The planets discovery by a student at UBS

The planets which were discovered by a student

Discovery of 4 new planets by student at the University of British Columbia is rocking social media around the world at the moment. The planets were discovered when Michelle Kunimoto a student of Physics and Astronomy examined the data from Kepler which was overlooked earlier. She did the data analysis as a part of her course work, particularly data for the existence of planets. She managed to discover evidence for the existence of four planets. One is the size of mercury, two of them are of a size very close to earth and one slightly larger than Neptune. The largest of the four, which has been named KOI 408.05 at the moment, is creating the most interest among astronomers. The most important information is that it occupies the habitable zone of its star. The planets are supposedly 3200 light years away. Reaching it is still a dream but this news augurs well for people who are searching for extraterrestrial life. After all, in this vast Universe, there ought to be other beings with life and intelligence.


Black Hole Found Swallowing a Star

There are some things we do not see often in the world of astronomy, whether amateur buff like myself or professional organizations around the world. A black hole swallowing a star has been theorized as to how it occurs for eons, but more recently we’ve caught glimpses of this rare sight.

News today came out that we not only were able to see one, only about 20 incidents in human history have allowed us a glimpse. Gemma Anderson from Curtin University said during an interview about the amazing event.

“Everything we know about black holes suggests we should see a jet when this happens, but until now they’ve only been detected in a few of the most powerful systems. Now we’ve finally found one in a more normal event.”

What makes this a first is being able to see the material falling into the black home from the star, commonly referred to as an acceleration disc, along with a jet! Never before have we seen both!


A rare glimpse of a black hole swallowing a star.


The discovery is the first time scientists have been able to see both a disk of material falling into a black hole, known as an accretion disk, and a jet in a system of this kind.

This is an incredible event to behold, the star almost the size of our own according to our local Independent was not just swallowed up, but partially spit back out.

The wonders of our cosmos and they mysteries of black holes continue to help us understand more about who we are, where we come from, and how it all began.