Star gazing trips

Star gazing trips : Jasper national Park

Last month I was on a trip to Canada, and it turned out to be my best star gazing trips. One fact I learnt about the Canadian Rockies is that it is the second largest dark sky preserve. Dark sky preserve means an area to protect the night sky of light pollution. The largest dark sky preserve is also in Canada. It is the Wood Buffalo National Park which is larger than most of the European nations. The experience was really magnificent, and I would rate it the best of all star gazing trips I have had. With my Saxon Novo 705AZ3, I could see almost 10 times more heavenly bodies in the night sky. The first camp was in Jasper National Park, where the experience was really nice. There were posters of the Jasper Dark Sky festival all around which is scheduled from October 16 – October 25 later this year. I hope to be back in Canada then to have a chance to meet fellow star gazers and some professionals.