Shadows on Jupiter

Jupiter showing the shadows of the Galilean Moons

Jupiter and its 3 moons Io. Callistra & Europa

Not done a lot of stargazing this month due to the wet, cold and snowy weather, plus got myself a real dose of the flu mid month, just recovering from it now. So, not felt like doing much of anything really. One event that was on my calendar to not miss was the triple moon shadows on Jupiter. The three moons of Io, Callistra and Europa will all pass over Jupiter. We will not see this event again until 2032 so I was determined not to miss it. I have been told that seeing Jupiter and the Galilean moon is easy from the UK but not if you think you are dying of flu and it is raining and cloudy. So I was tucked up with my lemsip and watched the live webcast on the Livestream channel of the Griffith Observatory. This is a really great channel that I did not know about before but have spent quite a few days watching some of their previous webcasts. Wish I had found it sooner might not have watched as much Big Bang Theory over the past couple of weeks, who I’m kidding? I’d watched both. I fell asleep after watching the Io and Callistra moons so did not get to see Europa, but there is the recording on their Livestream website or a speeded up version on their You Tube channel. I forgot to mention I got a gift from my parents at Christmas and I am so pleased with it, a year’s subscription paid to the Astronomy Now magazine, it’s fantastic. The January issue has just arrived so much of interest in it especially for a beginner like me. You can see something of what is in it here.