Supermoon, Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.


Picture of Blood Moon September 2015

Fabulous picture wish I could have viewed it like this..

What did you think of the Blood Moon? I am guessing if you read my blog you actually did see it! I will be honest I was a bit disappointed, really wanted to see the whole spectacle you know, blood-red freaky moon. What I got was a great lunar eclipse and a diluted blood moon, but at one point in the night in Yorkshire I could see why it was called a supermoon. It was huge being at its closest point to the earth made it dominate the sky, when the clouds were not covering it. Well I hope I get to see the next one in 2033. If you want to check out some cool pictures and time lapsed video from around the globe look here.

Getting a combination of supermoon, blood moon and lunar eclipse is rare, the last one was in 1982. There is a history connected with this event in that it indicates the end of the world, I guess in the past it was a pretty awesome and spectacular event and the people would not know what was happening so associate it with a foretelling of something going to happen. Thank goodness we know better. If you are interested in some of the history surrounding this event The Daily Mail ran a great article on it, really interesting read.

I am just getting to grips with understanding how it all comes together maybe I can share some of the science behind it next time.